All-in-one Relocation Platform

Move Your Talents Anywhere Easily!


Why Zenmoov?

Improve your Talents Relocation Experience

Human resources

Simplify your talents’ mobility workflow from start to finish.

  • Monitor your relocation budget
  • Cost Projections tools available
  • Manage every move efficiently
  • Talents’ move status and progress
  • All your files organized in one place
  • Integrate your Vendors
  • Relocation Policy Setup


Empower your Talents with a Global Platform to guide them in the world.

  • Domestic, International transfers, New hires, Interns and VIE
  • Multi Channels communication Portal
  • Task Lists set-up, Follow-up and Reminders
  • Centralized Documents Library
  • Direct Access to Zenmoov Suppliers
  • Lump Sum Management & Expense Reimbursments
  • Destination Guides


Rely on a trusted network of relocation suppliers

  • Movers
  • Realtors
  • Temporary Housing
  • Immigration & Tax advisors
  • Education specialists
  • and more


Manage you Financial workflow and lower your costs

  • Lump-sum payment processing
  • Talents expenses management
  • Secure E-payments processing
  • Tax Coding and reconciliation

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How Zenmoov works

A Customized Technology to Streamline All Your Mobility Worklfow

Zenmoov how it works
Zenmoov ow it works mobile

HR/Mobility team

  • Smart workflow
  • HRIS Integration
  • Predictive budget
  • Relocation Policies
  • Cost contol
  • Cost of living


  • Online Customer Support
  • Direct booking platform
  • Direct access to vendor platfom
  • Centralized work documents
  • Guides
  • Resources


  • Movers
  • Travel
  • Realtors
  • Immigration attorneys
  • Tax advisors
  • Education Specialists
  • Temp Housing


  • Tax coding
  • Lump Sum Payment
  • Lump Sum Management
  • Expense Management & Reimbursement

Zenmoov Platform

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