Ever since the days of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century, talent mobility has been at the forefront of growing businesses’ responsibilities. Sending employees across the world can improve communication between different branches of the business, develop the talent in question, and provide a stronger sense of professionalism to other organizations in the industry.

The positives are obvious, but so are the negatives.

Cost and resource management tend to be the biggest problems for businesses when relocating workers. Salaries must raise to combat differing taxes and living costs across the globe, and the ever-difficult juggling of the process tends to bog down human resource departments. From planning flights to conversing with moving companies to handling financial differences between countries, there’s no way to handle the process with ease.

60% of companies do not have a dedicated relocation department. To handle the fifty-plus steps to move an employee, that just won’t cut it.

That is until the growing age of digitized relocation.

Zenmoov was created with the idea that workplace mobility should be as easy as booking a plane ticket. With our extensive vendor list spanning anywhere from schooling to storage, we can help your business relocate your talents while saving money, time, and hair.

Digitization means that you can access one simple online hub and manage your employees. There’s no need to keep hard files of everyone’s moves, and there’s no stress worrying about financial information. It’s all at your fingertips.

Zenmoov transforms your entire geographic talent mobility process by streamlining and centralizing all employees, employers, and vendors under one umbrella. We reduce the amount of time human resource representatives spend relocating talents by 83%. That means more time to spend improving other areas of your company, and less time struggling over the grueling process of relocation.

It’s rarely only one employee that is in the middle of a move, either. Multiple workers can be managed all from that same hub, and the 65% cost reduction by using a digital relocation system in Zenmoov will show exponentially the more workers your business moves.

We know what we are talking about. Zenmoov’s team has a combined 70-plus years working in talent mobility. Our broad and deep knowledge of the industry attracts vendors to us, keeping costs down for you.

After using Zenmoov’s digital relocation service, it will be easy to understand with relocation digitization is the new norm.

And Zenmoov is just getting started.